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Writer - Sailor - Adventurer - Philosopher - Idealist - Realist.... After a twenty + year career in the outdoor recreation and marina business I took off some years ago to sail around the world and re-create myself..... Now I'm back and in the process of writing two books, and paying attention once again to the world around me.


Divide and Conquer… one of the oldest axioms of war. Nineteen months to the next presidential election, and here we go again! First, a disclaimer – I am not enamored by any of the three (so far) current Republican presidential … Continue reading

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Is it Racism or Economic Inequality ?

Last Sunday morning on Face The Nation, CBS commentator Bob Schieffer tried to draw a parallel between current racial upheavals and purported racism in our country, and the fact that at least sixty-five percent (65%) of American voters did not … Continue reading

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Are Business Principles and Politics Incompatible?

Why are we so willing to accept so much less from the public sector? Business principles and politics have never been compatible much to the detriment of the public-sector. All one needs to do is take a look at how … Continue reading

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I’ve been watching the political advertising on TV by the various candidates, their PAC’s, and other support groups for the upcoming elections, and my question is “Why would you vote for any of them?”! The 7th District Congressional race in … Continue reading

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The NEW Normal?

This morning on CNBC Erin Burnett did a segment on “Street Signs”, discussing the supposedly recovering economy, during which she hosted a number of financial experts, querying their viewpoints on such topics as the escalating government debt, the increasing price … Continue reading

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Taxpayers Ripped-Off Again by GM IPO

The Federal Government has proven once again their total incompetence, or indifference, when it comes to investing our tax dollars with the Treasury Department’s apparent acquiescence to the ridiculous structure and pricing of the new Initial Public Offering (IPO) of General … Continue reading

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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again!

For me at least, the recent election was disappointing, and will no doubt prove to be more disappointing in the long-run. I hate to be a cynic, but once again nothing has changed, and our political leaders are busy positioning … Continue reading

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