Divide and Conquer… one of the oldest axioms of war. Nineteen months to the next presidential election, and here we go again!

9033698_mlFirst, a disclaimer – I am not enamored by any of the three (so far) current Republican presidential candidates – but, I am disgruntled and concerned that CBS This Morning decided today (April 15, 2015) to dedicate nearly five minutes of news-time reviewing and discussing Hillary Clinton’s “low-key” campaign antics, and ZERO time or mention to any of the other campaigns or political views now on the market.

Seems to me that the first requirement of a fair election process should be equal discussion and exposure of ALL of the candidates and their policies. Our system is already skewed by the weight of the huge monetary contributions that favor certain political elite. The Press at least should not add to this, whether they believe they are a balancing factor or not.

If the Press is going to cover the political process, and they should, then fair, equal, and impartial coverage of all of the candidates and their views should be required. Wouldn’t it be interesting (or at least more constructive) to use this exposure to discuss the country’s problems, politics, and potential solutions rather than the polemics and vagaries of favorite political actors?

All we do is fuel the divide and feed the partisanship when Fox News touts only the Republicans and MSNBC fosters only the Democrats, enhancing the closed-mindedness of their predisposed audiences. I know that I am ranting against the wind, but they do all of us a disservice by not reporting all of the issues, problems, and potential solutions in an open and unbiased forum. And we do our country a disservice by not seeking to broaden our knowledge and choices.

© Copyright 2015 James Mills


About James McV

Writer - Sailor - Adventurer - Philosopher - Idealist - Realist.... After a twenty + year career in the outdoor recreation and marina business I took off some years ago to sail around the world and re-create myself..... Now I'm back and in the process of writing two books, and paying attention once again to the world around me.
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