Hello World! Welcome to “Writing from the Edge”

This is my Introductory Blog Posting. The first in what I plan to be a series of commentary and query on the nature of our society and politics today.

It’s interesting, in fact somewhat arresting to me, how the center of our society, those of us who are neither particularly liberal nor particularly conservation, has been marginalized now by the special interests, and how we now are seemingly on some insignificant edge of contemporary thought. My hope is that this silent edge of our society will gain a voice here; perhaps common sense will re-emerge from the current façade of diversion and political correctness that has created a certain “insanity” that we live in today (see Einstein’s definition).

As my “About the Author” section describes, I spent the last two years sailing on the Sea of Cortez, on a sabbatical from the media hyped world of manufactured reality that I came to recognize from my relative isolation there. On occasion I drifted into a port or a village, and feeling somewhat home-sick, re-exposed myself to that distant reality that lived on the internet, or some familiar TV broadcast, but as my time away increased I found that the siren’s song had lost its grip. I found myself on the edge looking in with a new and seemingly clearer view. Not being so acclimated to the everyday gibberish that is being fed and devoured by us in this “real” world, I returned home with a changed perspective. I have been sometimes bemused, and at times aghast, at what passes for “news” and truth in this world; the hypocrisy and ignorance that seems to be lost, or at least ignored in the daily hype, and so I have created this BLOG as an exercise in thought; mine at least, and for others who may agree or not if you choose to participate in my observations.  

So here I am “Writing from the Edge”, and this is how I see things. Sometimes I will keep it light and fun, and sometimes I will rant, and scream, and holler. Some of you will no doubt disagree, and some of you will probably think that we don’t even have a problem and why am I so concerned, and that’s OK; money and antidepressants are wonderful antidotes for the perceived inequities of the world, and certainly for any uncomfortable “insanity”.

Am I an anarchist, a communist, a theologian? Sometimes, but mostly I am a conservative liberal republican democrat peace & freedom libertarian environmentalist tea-drinking (kool-ade hating) independent who is fed up with the hypocritical pretentious self-serving manipulations of our so-called governing representatives, their oligarcigal demi-gods, and the media machine that serves them both to our detriment. Now…. Wasn’t that fun?

Here’s a short story to ponder……. When I was in Mexico, I found myself sitting at a bar one night talking with a drug dealer. He was a young Mexican Indian man whose customers were typically American (US) or Canadian tourists. In the course of our conversation he said something to me that I found startling: I disagreed with his thoughts at first, but later, from a different perspective they seemed to hold some truth. I had asked him why he sold drugs, and he answered me saying: “Because I want to buy the things that all of you gringos have, and in Mexico it is the only way that I can make enough money. You Americans want to sell us your cars and TV’s and other things that we make for you. Your advertising makes us feel poor, but you don’t want to pay us enough to buy these things, or buy other things from us, and so we sell you drugs that you want. Your government doesn’t care, and our government doesn’t care; it’s just like foreign aid”, he said. “What about all the killing?” I asked. “The killing is the only way we have to resolve our differences. In your country you are very rich and smart and you use lawyers to kill each other. Here we use guns; it is all the same”, he said. “When the drugs are legal there will be no reason for killing. The laws and the courts will decide, the lawyers will get rich, the government will get their taxes, and everyone will be happy.” “But drugs are still bad things”,  I said. “I don’t do drugs”, he claimed. “I can’t afford them. I’m just like the bartender, nobody must buy them from me. It’s just my job.”

I don’t do drugs either, and so I could not be his customer. But I did buy him a drink as we talked, and I had one or two too many tequilas that night myself, and so the government got their taxes and the owner of the tequila company made its profit, and paid more taxes probably, and I had a hangover in the morning of course.

Thanks for your input,

James McV

For those of you who may not be aware, Einstein’s definition of “insanity” was…. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.



About James McV

Writer - Sailor - Adventurer - Philosopher - Idealist - Realist.... After a twenty + year career in the outdoor recreation and marina business I took off some years ago to sail around the world and re-create myself..... Now I'm back and in the process of writing two books, and paying attention once again to the world around me.
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